Intern Program

We provide many opportunities for interns to experience a variety of jobs under the growing company. We hope that every intern takes on the challenge in undertaking some projects in sales or new businesses. We are sure you will learn many things.



Origin of venture management was intern at Sanwa systems

Ryosuke Kawamura
Thing after college, especially without or do whatever you can target, only time had passed quickly. I thought that it was I would like to grab college life, something precious, and let’s get more interns that it is privileged college students. Magic is pointing at a severe Ichiban so if you do it at all would be better, I chose this company.
In very severe, and angry every day, and it was able to process every day. It was Shindoka~tsu anyway. On the other hand, let me look into the world of venture for the first time, it was a series of surprise every day. Since I believe this commonplace been employed in trading company around, I is that working until retirement, I was shocked I have a such a world, and I have a such a way of life.
7 years have passed, I also have put yourself in the world of venture I realized. It is a tough much more than when I was the intern now. On the other hand, I am not even surprised much. It is the first company to tell me, that there is just that the world of venture management.

2010, Keio University Faculty of Economics Department of Economics graduate. 2008 of the student, involved in the founding of Atlantis Corporation, engaged in construction of the ad network business as executive secretary. 2011, after the buyout to GREE, Inc., established the Corporation Bitcellar,Inc. President CEO.

I got a big learning simply because was a tough environment

Hironori Akase
When I was a college third grade, I was allowed a half a year intern at Sanwa system’s Yuki is out to Tokyo from Fukuoka. And I would like to experience the “challenge in harsh environment” you have felt lacking to me you lived mediocre, you want to be a strong man, I was allowed to participate in aggressive middle.
Time spent here was something you dark so as not to be able to compare with their own lives until now. Teacher who an environment that can not excuse the result is because Saru make it say why. While I am not done the business, that the results of the first course, does not go out. Among them, “because a student,” “because it is still the first” excuse is such a thing, which can also be found in how much, those who think so, should the need arise. However, it should not first-class business people and top athlete to keep out the results and settle miss the chance of one-time-only. I am particular to the results at any time, it is supposed to face the battle pay attention and prepare a thorough attention to detail. I do not think the other environment to learn without compromise thoroughly in the early 20s the attitude.
Sensibility of work leading man is a work philosophy itself my attitude to stick to the result of the experience in the Sanwa system, and consideration, delicate texture, relationship that was born here is a treasure you want Yuki to continue life.
Born in 1988. The experience of the intern half a year in Sanwa Systems Co., Ltd. from April 2008 to Kyushu Kyoritsu University student. Join the food company of family business after graduating from university, assume the leadership of product development and sales overall responsibility, of new business start-up, etc. now.

Candidate students

Those who are not able to be satisfied in the student normal life
Those who would like to experience to create a business at the forefront of the field of business, grow
Those who want to experience the whole process up to business strategy planning, product planning, channel development, sales and follow-up of business

Intern Program

Description of Job launching a new business
Requirements planning to accomplish a big project
hoping to live freely
Term negotiable
Work Place Tokyo Office
Grants available (Ask for details.)



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