Cases of Installation

We can check the details of 4 golf courses from the headquarter.

MORI Invest Co., LTD.

Benefits of NT-GOLF2.0 installation for multiple golf courses

  • NT-GOLF2.0 can be operated from our main office and enables us to obtain detailed information such as business records, booking situation, monthly/annual sales, etc.
  • NT-GOLF 2.0 allows for easy comparison of golf courses in our group because of the consistency of the input criteria of business results. As a result, we can compare the strengths and weaknesses of each course and utilize this data for improving other courses.
  • The synergistic effect can be expected because the members who made reservations from the website are common members to all 4 golf courses.

Advantages of NT-GOLF2.0 Installation

  • With SANWA SYSTEMS’s policy, “We work as if we are the IT department of our clients’ golf course business,” SANWA SYSTEMS is available 365 days a year to fix problems promptly.
  • NT-GOLF2.0 has many features such as summary accounting and an analysis ledger sheet, making it easy to analyze data and to make decisions based on the data. The daily report of the sales can be displayed on one sheet per day and is easy to share with other departments like the headquarters and accounting department.
  • Customer information can be easily collected when they make reservations on the site. The data can be used for future planning.
  • NT-GOLF2.0 has many features that allow interaction with other departments such as sending messages, stopping payments, sending transfer slips, etc.
  • Booking records stored and displayed on the same day of the previous year enables us to plan ahead to conduct promotions during a slow season.

Changes in the overall business after installation of the system

  • We have been using NT-GOLF2.0 for years. We do not think we can do business without NT-GOLF2.0, especially the cart operating system.
  • Names of players and caddies are sent to the GPS cart navigation system and the names are displayed on the screen of the GPS cart navigation system. It saves on the time spent for administrative and organizational work in the master room and suggests when to work on course maintenance.
  • Linking with the GDO reservations system saved double-input of booking, cancelling, and accounting data. Considering the frequency of requests for booking and cancelling, the online reservation system has greatly reduced the work load.
  • Our system has been adjusted to Web Bridge of SMBC Finance Service Co., Ltd. for automatic transferring of the annual membership fee. This is highly advantageous for membership fee management because transmission and reception of billing and receiving can be made online and a notice of automatic deduction is issued.

Merits of website reservations system and changes after installation of the system

  • Management of web membership can be operated on NT-GOLF2.0 by our staff without any difficulties. This has enabled us to send prompt information to members.
  • he online reservations system saves us the commission charge we used to pay for the portal sites. It helps us to pass on the benefits to our customers. The price and services offered for customers booking on the website attracts more customers.
  • Delivering mail magazines quickly solves some problems such as promotions for a slow season.