Sanwa System Co.,LTD. provide strategy development that are based on
the “data” and rapid implementation.We support you to make manegement decisions rapidly and build a PDCA cycle.

Golf course BI(Business intelligence) which is the world’s first

The NTG-head will support a rapid decision-making since all people such
as management, manager, in charge of planning, sales representative
view and analyze his numerical information within the scope of the
authority.You can manipulate easily and smoothly since it is used Web browser
and Excel you are using everyday as an interface screen.
NTG-head continue to pursue “convenience”, “economy” and “high speed” and was born with the exclusive contract of golf courses in Japan and integrated business intelligence tools NovaView (R) the world’s leading modules which are used in the enterprise more than 30 countries and more than 1,500 companies.


In the dashboard, you can see the necessary management information on the same page such as financial summary and KPI(key performance indicators). It is possible to make management decision speedy.


It reduces the cost by reducing working time since reports can be made automatically using Excel that is familiaras interface.


Easy operation a complex analysis of a broad spectrum makes you possible to implement appropriate measures by the effect of measurement analysis promotion freely

System overall picture of NTG-head

We support you to realize the speed up of management decisions by collecting data which is indispensable to the business judgment of golf course management such as availability table, book analysis, analysis of visitors, visitors trend analysis, sales analysis, and competition analysis.

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