The most installed Golf Course System in Japan which is served for more than 30 years. Greatly values its reputation for the performance and stability. SANWA SYSTEMS CO., LTD. response various requests with one stop service.

Why NT-golf2.0 is supported by customers?

For more than 30 years, Sanwa System Co.,LTD. has created best system that has met golf courses’ needs. We continually challenge to develop various solutions which make golf course industry improve their profits. As a result, we are providing unique and various service and also
continue to do so.

Greatly values its reputation for the performance and stability.
SANWA SYSTEMS CO., LTD. installed golf course system more than 700
course and 30 years. Developed golf course management system created with a lot of experiences in 30 years.

New Design
Design with great extensibility and sophisticated design・UI. Applying new generation language「C#」for development and support brand-new platform.

On-line Reservation which creates repeated customers
SANWA SYSTEMS CO., LTD. developed original web service which was a new trend in the golf industry. We support you to attract more people and sale more on your web
service with our consulting service.

Extensibility and latest golf IT
Point system, Big display view (start view/scores), GPS cart navi-system, BI tool

Overview of Golf Course System

NT-GOLF2.0 has been developed by ourselves and was created with a lot of golf courses’ demands in Japan. We meet various requestes since it has one stop security, speed, high extensibility and function to customize.

Well-installed experiences

Greatly reputated for system’s performance and reliability to lead
this industry. Secure to use this system persistently. Large security center which a lot of system engineer support directly. Success stories with a lot of leading companies to change golf course management and the key is in this system.

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