NT-golf open

Sanwa System’s Internet Reservation System ASP that created a lot of repeated customers.

Why Sanwa System’s internet reservation is attentioned?

WEB membership strategy make it possible to distinguish your golf course and others and do your original campaign by various way. Reducing the cost to send off customers and personal information of members will be your future asset.

Sharing information with good price and great timing

You can share each course’s information with good price and great timing

Sales Act that reduces the cost of sending off customers

You can do sales to attract new customers without depending on popular portal site

Recommending plans to each customer

You can share recommended plans to each customers since you can categorize customers with their needs.

Improving efficiency effects

Sales will improve since approaching categorized customers.

Creating future assets

Improving future assets value of golf course. Large Think Tank calculated 1 ID for 5,000 Japanese Yen.

Knowledge of success to attract customers with Sanwa System’s WEB.

Sanwa System Co.,LTD. successed to attract customers with Sanwa
System’s original WEB firstly in this industry in 2001. More than 2000 people had reserved per month for golf course which had 18h. It works with our core system NT-golf 2.0 and the data is piled in one area. Latest version NT-gold open 3 is the sophisticated golf course internet reservation system which can improve golfer’s usability.

Managing to make customers want to apply is the key to success. Just having great website is not the answer. We support you to success your golf course management with our great system and knowledge as your IT Department.