Call Center

Call Center reduces fixed costs and improve customer satisfaction, providing a streamlined management further go ahead.

Sanwa’s Call Center

Through the bulk centralized management at Sanwa System Call Center for reservations, you will be possible to achieve labor saving and golf booking business, the optimization of staffing reservation service in the golf course site.

The latest and largest call center

The latest and largest call center for golf courses which we have provides the service like no other by performing the optimization of staffing to statistics of the call amount.
We perform a real-time reservation acceptance stably with the reservation system that we offer.

Guaranteeing the service level improvement

Comfortable phone calls that were made uniform by professional operators who received quality assurance training to guarantee the service level improvement and the corresponding rules manualized concluded to improve service level agreements and customer satisfaction high hospitality, to quantify the important items such as average talk time and abandoned call. We will guarantee the service and thorough management

Visualizing the reservation process

We will submit the compiled data as a report such as the number of incoming call visualization quantify, the reservation process by the system management(day, month),staffing number, CPH, abandonment rate, average response time, response rate, hold time, seat number verification of self-response rate, the total reservation rate, night rate reservation number, and another time abandonment rate, average call another few hours, another reservation number, reservation percentage time, another golf course incoming call number, breakdown, opinions and requests from our customers.

The current late-night support

There are many incoming call volume after 18:00 according to the performance data of the Center already running sales promotion effect by the current late-night support. By extending the telephone booking possible time to 23:00, we realize increased sales and create new sales opportunities.。

The industry’s first flat-rate service and low fee

The industry’s first flat-rate service and services of fee structure low-cost call center usually take initial costs of hard, soft and employee fee which are needed in opening facility and running takes a billing system that varies depending on the amount, such as an incoming call. However we will deliver the flat-rate and low price, ideal for golf course management in this service.

The operations of call center

We do not neglect the efforts to satisfy our customers by conducting
the organizational structure, training, monitoring ・ KPI setting to
hold the quality of the call center operations content Call.

  1. Accepted business and cancellation of reservations by telephone of the golf course
  2. The inquiries by telephone business of golf course (In the range of FAQ provided by the golf course like)
  3. To the call center for booking system, Book by direct entry, waiting list registration, registration of cancellation
  4. Escalation business for the customer response to golf course about the contents of the outside of the FAQ provided by the golf course
  5. Escalation business to golf courses canceled the day
  6. Primary acceptance claim and handling claims based on events that should be attributed to the call center side
  7. Administrative business of the KPI
  8. Monthly report business

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