SANWA SYSTEMS CO., LTD. has been providing golf course systems for more than 30 years and is continually improving them to comply with clients’ needs.

Greatly values its reputation for the established a reputation for reliability and operational performance with NT-Golf series. Its market share has been to the top over 30 years.
In addition, we put clients’ demands into our database and improve our systems as user-friendly systems. Our systems will improve the efficiency of golf course management by utilizing our database.

Golf SolutionWe support your golf business as IT Department of your company.

Gold Course System
NT-golf 2.0

Surpporting your golf management with one-stop service which accepts reservation, check-in, check-out, competition summary, HDCP and Customer management.

Internet Reservation System
NT-golf open

NT-golf open is a system that gives a high repeat rate.

Mobile Phone Reservations System
NT-golf mobile

Mobile phone reservations system which customers can reach easily from their mobile phones. Both smart phone and feature phone can be used for this service.

Execellent Operability and Advanced Analysis Report

Supporting your prompt decision-making. We check and analyze numerical information corresponding to the managerial positions from sales representative to executives.

Focused Reservation Management System

Avoiding opportunity loss of reservation and carrying out the cost reduction.

Improving Customer Satisfaction and Reducing Fixed Costs
Reservation Call Center

Realizing labor saving of golf reservation work and best arrangement of human resource.

GPS marshal management System

Estimating and analyzing operation with centralizing the movement of carts.
Making the customers to repeat with the NT-Golf System.


Providing various options such as building own website, management system of points and ordering system of restaurants for golf clubs.